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Decoding Rekha's unique look in sarees

The Ultimate Seductress

When you say such and such an actress is the ultimate seductress, and so enchanting, how can you picture her in anything except a saree? And, how can you picture anyone other than Rekha in that role?

National award winner Bhanurekha is amongst India’s most favorite and beloved actresses. Someone who truly made it to the top in every sense possible. While her movie personality is associated with glamor and art, In real life, she is what you call a statement maker.

She has created so many unique statement looks , recreating many style guidelines and stunning fashionistas into shock.

For example, a simple fashion guideline is to reduce accessories for heavy sarees, but most of Rekha’s looks have the below four in common

  1. Expensive, brilliantly woven, heavy sarees- She loves her banarasis and Kanjivarams. She never holds back on colors and loves gold in the sarees. This is evident even When she goes for simpler cotton sarees, where the zaris are prominent and large and the colors are splendid golds and beiges.

  1. Traditional draping- Except for the odd dhoti/churidar drape, Rekha loves her traditional drape where the pallu goes over the left shoulder in the typical south Indian style. Infact, she is often noticed in award functions with the pallu around her shoulder instead of free flowing which is synonymous with the established Indian woman or a high society woman. Her south Indian roots may have influenced this in her or years of portraying her as a femme fatale may make the rebel in her to choose this drape. 

  1. Heavy jewelry- One distinct feature of Rekha’s ensemble is that she never skimps on statement jewelry. Every saree is accompanied with heavy necklaces, jhumka or chand balis, wrists full of bangles and the occasional nethichutti or maang tikka. She , in some of her recent looks has also embraced the saree belt trend beautifully.

  1. Classic Make up- Rekha doesn’t experiment with makeup. Red lipsticks, Big Bindi, definitely the maang sindoor and pinkish base makeup. She has been rocking this look for so many decades now, it is difficult to imagine her in anything else.

That is a roundup of our very Rekha, decoding her saree style statement. How has it inspired you? Will you pick them all or mix and match it? Let us know 🙂

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