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How to dress for a celebration- in a kurta or a saree - Seven Sarees

How to dress for a celebration- in a kurta or a saree


Saree or kurta? Which one should we wear for a celebration? While it seems easy to slip into a bright kurta, we know that people will respond to you with ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ only when you pull off that special saree! You really want to look good at the celebration, be it a wedding or a festival when you are surrounded by people who are an integral part of your life. The best way to deck yourself for such a celebration would be to pick a saree.

Why saree is the best choice for a celebration

You see, guys would  be wearing elegant kurtas to these and why should we do the same thing unless we are twinning? When we pose for those inevitable photographs, we would look much cuter than our brothers, cousins, friends, or our partner. 

Dressing up for an occasion is a memorable adventure

Also, we can make a simple saree look spectacular if we select a soft silk material and design the blouse creatively. And then you can try out different saree styles to see which would best showcase the design of the saree. Dressing up for an occasion would be a memorable adventure for you!


Last but not the least, we can pose in multiple ways, showcasing the pallu from the right, or the left, spreading it like a peacock or draping it demurely over your shoulder. The saree can be worn without pleats or can be pleated in short or long folds. Many others would rush to join you in taking pictures and selfies because you rock the saree look and they feel happy to be in that picture.

There’s no doubt people, that nothing beats a saree as the first and the best choice for a festive occasion.

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