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The evolution of the white saree from Scary to sexy - Seven Sarees

The evolution of the white saree from Scary to sexy


As a color, in most cultures white is associated with purity. However, through the ages it is sad to note the white saree slowly got associated with mourning in the east and was kept especially for women mourning the loss of a dear one, mostly, their husbands. 

The Scary white Saree

Slowly wearing a white saree was stigmatized, probably, because it made its way into horror and ghost stories and stories of acute sadness. Women who had lost in  love were displayed in softer tones and were always clothed in pastels and lighter pinks and blues.

In due course, white sarees became the uniform of female ghosts who walked with candles or barred your way as you drove your car through a pitch black night. There are too many movies that reinforced this image all over the country.

The White Saree Revolution and Hindi Cinema

In the late 80’s , there was a beautiful heroine, Sridevi who can actually be credited to reviving the white saree. From the sad, scary vibes by then it had been established with, the saree made a 180 degree turn when Sridevi donned the famous white chiffon saree in the iconic movie, Chandni. Women and Men watched in awe as the white saree looked so sexy and alluring and that started a revolution of the white saree.

It was made in every fabric possible- soft cotton, georgette, chiffon, silks, polyester and everytime women looked at the color white, it reminded them of the sexy and alluring beauty that Sridevi was.

The 2000’s were also very kind to this color as Indian weavers discovered the power of sequins and how adding sequins to any simple fabric translated it instantly to party wear. The famous rain dances of the hindi cinema further pushed the popularity and oomph factors. From Surat to Kolkata, mills went on an overdrive to get the right shade of white.

White Saree Today

Now though the color white is still associated with mourning, the white saree is associated with being sexy and bold and white kurtas have taken their earlier position in mournings and funerals.

Katrina Kaif further increased its popularity with her 2021 movie Suryavanshi while reprising the famous tip tip barsa paani song and the fervor has picked up like never before.

Conclusion: The Beauty of White

Today, white is amongst the most preferred colors for a saree. And why not? It looks lovely on every skin tone. From simple whites to partywear, it is a hugely popular color. 

To quote Alia bhat as Gangubhai, “ Kaunsa wala safed? Chand wala? Ya Badal wala safed? Kaagaz wala safed? Ya Gulab wala? Barf wala safed, Namak wala safed, Doodh wala safed ya sankh wala? Zharne wala safed? Rann wala safed ya Dhue wala?” 

White is unique, white is beautiful, white is gorgeous. Pick a white saree today!

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