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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Why do you look good in a saree - Seven Sarees

Why do you look good in a saree


A dress may become tight or hang loose down your shoulder. But that’s never the case with a saree. It is an unstitched garment and  will accommodate you, as you are. It allows itself to be shaped not just as per your body, but also by your mood of the day! You want to look sharp and smart? Set the saree with tiny pleats and pin it to your shoulder. Feeling relaxed and casual? Swathe it gently around your waist and let the wind play with the pallu that is thrown over the shoulder without pleats.

Comfort and Practicality of Wearing a Saree

A saree does more than protect your body from the elements. It creates graceful twirls and swirls around you. The pleats that fall from your waist fan out ever so lightly as you glide along and the pallu  swings behind you with a life of its own.

Is it really sunny. Pull the pallu over your head and shade your face with it. You will look every so coy with the lovely colourful garment circling your head.  You want to move around doing chores or may be a dance? Tie the pallu tightly around the waist, like a belt. It will show off how shapely you are. 

Aesthetics of a Saree

You can look like a totally different person in the same saree. Wear it with a regional variation and you look like a belle from Gujarat,  or a village maiden from Chettinad, or a tribal beauty from Coorg. Adopting different styles can be aesthetically pleasing and so much fun!

Versatility of a Saree

Dresses may show off your best features such as slim waist or a straight back. But a saree can cover as much as it reveals. You can choose how to present yourselfand be either gorgeous or mysterious. One more advantage of wearing a saree is that you actually sweat a lot less in it. The mid is not covered and let air in, as does the low back. 


This makes you look cool, collected and lovely. Do you need more reasons to pick up a saree and drape it around yourself?

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