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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖


General FAQs on sarees

Yes, Cotton sarees of higher count(read, thickness) and silk sarees can be worn without a fall. From our collections, Resham Romance, Kashi Ki Kahaani, Poetic traditions, Ekaika and Mis-fit Maharani do not need a fall.

A petticoat is not just for the saree to stay in place but adds beauty to the drape and helps avoid awkward situations if the saree is transparent. While you can wear a saree with leggings, you can go for a thicker waist band so the saree will hold, but it will not give the drape or look of a saree with a petticoat.

Sarees last better when bucket washed in cold water(cottons) or dry cleaned (silk sarees). We will advise you to not machine wash sarees.

Cotton sarees are the best bets for daily wear. You can pick our summers at home, poetic tradition and Luka chuppi collections for nice daily wear sarees.

Sarees are made by interweaving yarns of cotton, silk or polyester. The vertical yarn is called a warp and the horizontal yarn, weft, is woven through the warp to create a saree. There may be further embellishments added on like sequins or prints etc. Tassels are also often added to enhance the look of the saree.

Long, long ago, when someone decided to use the same long cloth to both drape around her waist as a skirt, and cover her head as a shawl as well, the saree was born. It is probably as old as the art of weaving itself. Archaeological proofs show the saree is seen draped tied around the waist of the statue of the mother goddess in the excavated city of Harappa. The Rigveda, written 3000 years ago, describes the long, pleated ‘Sathika’ that is tucked around the waist.

While it is alright to be figure conscious in an increasingly image-oriented world, we must remember that the concept of an ideal body shape varies from time to time and from place to place. Keep in mind how you want to project yourself when you check yourself out in the mirror. There are women who flaunt their midriffs in transparent sarees. Some of them have small waists, but many of them are comfortable in their own skins even if their mid portion is not fashionably slim. The latter look lovely as they are unselfconscious and graceful and can pull off every type of saree.

You can see from a wide variety of options of not just saree types but also prints, embroidery, colors etc and choose what represents you or is closest to representing your personal style. Secondly, you can ditch the traditional drape and choose to style it differently. Make a small dhoti and then throw the saree over your shoulder. Create a halter neck visual by choosing to wrap the saree around your neck instead of the traditional pallu. Go crazy with self expression!

The engagement is the beginning of a lifelong commitment and the bride’s saree would be part of the treasured memory. A saree with a good amount of zari on display and in a bright shade of the bride’s favourite colour is the absolute best bet!

FAQs based on Saree type

Yes, cotton sarees can be differentiated on their count (thickness), weaves (type of weave), finishing (starched, un-starched) and prints (digital, block or a specialized treatment like Ajrakh)

Ajrakh is a form of block print that uses resist printing to print on both sides of the fabric as a technique apart from just the block printing. More than 20 steps are involved in creating an Ajrakh print on a saree which gives an almost 3 dimensional view to the print.

Arts and crafts need patronage. The weavers of Mangalagiri found a patron in the divine herself. Pilgrims who came to the ancient temple here, supported the weavers by buying sarees from them. This became a tradition that kept the economy of the town in good shape. For centuries the weavers have served the community, and as a result become master craftsmen whose sarees are of the highest quality. These sarees are plain and are for all times. The design in the pallu or border is simple as well. As the designs are of tribal origin, most of the sarees have a ribbon of gold in the border as well as the pallu. Of course, with the town becoming famous worldwide for its sarees, the younger generations have made additions to the usually plain saree, such as geometric patterns and checks.

Just turn the saree to the other side and if you see loose stitches and a lot of haphazard loops, you have an original in your hand!

It is a cotton saree which is treated with wax batik or tie-dye process to create unique and bold patterns. The dyeing process includes, soaking the cloth, boiling it in hot water, rinsing and drying under the shade. Sometimes over 20,000 knots are tied in a single saree. And then after the cloth is dried, the knots, all 20,000 of them, are untied and many dots appear across the brightly dyed saree. A lot of time and effort goes into the crafting of a single saree.

An original silk saree is woven using silk yarn extracted from filaments secreted by the silkworm. An original silk saree is made of 100% silk and no mix of blended silk. Artificial or blended silk are not 100% silk.

If you take a single yarn and burn it, original silk will burn with an odor like hair burning. It also will leave an ash like residue. Copycat, artificial silk sarees will burn with a plastic like odor and leave a thick residue.

Tussar silk is more textured than other silks, which means it feels a bit rough and has an uneven surface. This is because the silk worms do not feed on mulberry leaves. The moths that come out of these cocoons are yellowish brown in colour, which give the silk its natural golden colour, which is its most distinguishing feature.

The Benarasi silk weaving is very compact and is made by the twisting of silk filaments. This makes the fabric strong and long lasting, which cannot be said of most silk sarees. The design elements in the saree are mostly Mughal inspired flower and foliage motifs. Bold faced flowers, leaves attached to creepers that twine all over the body of the wearer give the saree a mesmerizing shimmer. A close look at the dots on a banarasi saree will surprise, for it is a miniature of a flower and not just a dot.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation defines Geographical Indication as a status given to products when there is a clear link between a product and its original place of production. As of 2019, India had a whopping list of 46 sarees which are awarded GI status. This list doesn't include GI status issued crafts applied to sarees as embellishments.

Jaipur Mul cotton with block prints are awesome picks for summers. But, Madurai’s cotton sarees including the sungudi are made keeping the hot summers in mind and come in a pretty second!

FAQs on Seven Saree's products

Yes, we absolutely ship internationally to 22 countries

We source our sarees from authentic weavers. Each style name careers the location of the source for increased transparency. We do not source lookalikes or mass produced sarees and directly pick the authentic versions only.

Our sarees are made for teenagers to seenagers and we wanted the best representation for them. Each model holds a special part in Seven’s journey and they bring the story out with each photo! We find it difficult to bring this with professional models and therefore these wonderful women have stepped in!

Yes, all our 100% silk sarees have a silk mark to prove their authenticity compared to other sarees.

The authenticity of the Silk Mark is backed by the Silk Mark Organisation of India (SMOI), which is promoted by the Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, and the Government of India. Silk Mark Organisation Of India (SMOI) is a registered Society under Karnataka Society Act 1960 with Registration No.1054 / 2003-2004 dated 19/01/2004. Silk Mark is an initiative by the Central Silk Board (CSB), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. By purchasing silk mark labeled products from us, Consumers get an assurance that they are indeed purchasing 100% Natural silk products.

FAQs on refunds and returns

We take utmost care to ensure only top quality items are catalogued and shipped to you. In the rare event, you get poor quality, please write to us at and we will have a chat with you.

At, we ONLY stock authentic products. All our items are genuine and are sourced directly from the manufacturer or from their authorized distributors. Prior to shipping, we do several levels of rigorous quality checks, hence eliminating any chances of counterfeit products. If you have any concerns about the authenticity of any of the items you have purchased from us or are considering purchasing, please contact us directly by emailing us at and we shall be happy to address your concerns.In the event of a bad surprise, You can return the unused products you have ordered only if it is within 3 days of the date of receipt. Please note that used products cannot be returned. To return the unused goods, please email us at and we will walk you through the process till completion. Special instructions for Sarees: Products should not have been tried or used and the packaging should not have been tampered in any way, including the silk mark. Unboxing Video is a MUST for all quality returns.Special instructions for reverse pickup: The reverse product request will be assigned within 24-48 hours and the product will be picked in another 2-5 working days. After the product is picked along with the packaging box, the delivery executive will hand over the invoice. We will need a picture of this invoice to be shared with us on The products purchased under discounts cannot be returned or replaced.

FAQs on shipping

Yes, we have free shipping all over India.

Unfortunately no, shipping for international orders is calculated at checkout.

For orders within India, the shipping is free. But for international orders, the shipping fee is calculated at checkout.

Our shipping days from time of order placement is 2-7 days.

Yes, products will be shipped within 48 hours of placing your order.

Please call us at or mail us at We will do our best to get this order out the fastest way possible. Extra charges will apply.

Please reach out to us on email or whatsapp. We will do our best to get this order out the fastest way possible. Extra charges will apply.