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🎉Festival sale flat 30% OFF!! Discount applied to your cart! 🎉
🎉Festival sale flat 30% OFF!! Discount applied to your cart! 🎉

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Hi Hema ji.. received the sarees.. sooo beautiful. As expected. The package was so adorable. Will write an elaborate review.  👍

Dr. Jansi, Chennai

Ya mam..I really loved a loot..the fabric quality is too gud

Dr. Divya, Thirupattur


Beautiful saree.. very soft fabric and great quality. Best for day to day wear ❤️

Ms.Priti Nair, Mumbai

Loved the saress... ❤️

Mrs. Rani Jegadeesh, Vishakapatnam

Hi.. Good evening.. I saw the saree today.. It is really pretty but ltl heavy.. I loved it.. Thank you for the awesome make.

Mrs. Jyoti, Bangalore

Love this Ajrakh saree from seven sarees, picked for my MIL.

We have to really cajole my septuagenarian MIL to step out of the house. But somehow once she draped the saree, her energy levels soared high and she enjoyed the outing draped in this gorgeous, comfortable saree.

Mrs. Sowmiya Srinivasan, Coimbatore

Welcome to the 5000 year old Sista-Hood!

There's something missing when it is not Seven. Can you imagine a Six-colored rainbow or a Six-day week? Seven sarees brings this completion to Indian Fashion as an ethical and intelligent brand amidst the hustle and bustle of fast fashion and mass production!

Our designs are modern with contemporary elements but our weaves find their origin in heritage concepts and methods almost as old as time.

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