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How to wear Saree with Belt? - Seven Sarees

How to wear Saree with Belt?

Chic fusion of traditional and contemporary styles has become a favorite among fashion enthusiasts.The art of wearing a saree with a belt is one such styling that is so hot right now. This blog offers insights into the perfect pairings for different saree fabrics and body types.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Wear a Saree with a Belt

  1. Select the Perfect Saree:

  2. Choosing the Right Belt:

    • Match the belt with the saree's color and design for a harmonious look.
    • Experiment with belt widths to find what complements your body type and the saree's aesthetic.
  3. Draping the Saree:

    • Begin with the basic saree drape, securing the pallu elegantly over your shoulder.
    • Instead of tucking the loose end, wrap it around your waist and secure it with the belt.
  4. Perfecting the Pleats:

    • Create neat pleats as usual and tuck them into the petticoat.
    • Ensure the pleats align seamlessly with the belt for a polished appearance.
  5. Securing the Belt:

    • Wrap the belt snugly around your waist, over the pleats, fastening it securely.
    • Adjust the pallu over the belt for a seamless finish.
  6. Accessorize Thoughtfully:

    • Keep jewelry minimal, focusing on statement pieces like earrings and bangles.
    • Choose a clutch or potli bag that complements the saree and belt combination.

Ideal Pairings for Different Saree Fabrics:

  1. Tussar Silk:

    • Enhance the regal look with a metallic or embellished belt.
    • Experiment with contrasting colors to highlight the richness of Tussar silk.
  2. Cotton Saree:

    • Opt for a slim fabric or leather belt for a casual and comfortable vibe.
    • Play with pastel shades or earthy tones to accentuate the simplicity of cotton sarees.

Flattering Styles for Different Body Types:

  1. Hourglass Figure:

    • Emphasize your curves with a medium-width belt that cinches at the waist.
  2. Apple Shape:

    • Choose a wider belt to create the illusion of a defined waistline.
  3. Pear Shape:

    • Opt for a belt that sits higher on the waist to divert attention away from the hips.
  4. Rectangle Shape:

    • Experiment with belts of varying widths to add dimension to your silhouette.


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