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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
7 MUST-HAVE SAREES - Seven Sarees



We must have seven sarees for these occasions that come up in our lives. 

Wedding wear

A big, fat wedding is still the norm, and you have got an invite for one already. A silk saree from one of the many remarkable weaves of Kanjivaram, Kosa, Benares, Bengal, Assam or Kashmir would provide you with the sheen that goes with this happy occasion. With the right accessories, you can swathe yourself in this silk saree and delight in how gorgeous you look along with your family and friends.

Party wear

Sequins and threadwork on party wear sarees make a simple, sheer georgette or chiffon look very glamorous. Designer wear sarees come in unique patterns and surprising weaves such as a transparent pallu over an intricately cut blouse. Your own blouse could be anything from a simple crop top to an off shoulder creation with a cluster of knots. Sheer, soft, light silks can also make magic at parties.

Festival wear

Summer festivals are related to agriculture. This is when you get yourself the crisp cottons in traditional prints such as large checks, tiny dots and geometric borders of pointed towers. Celebrate with Sungudi, Pochampulli, Kolkotta, Chettinad, and Mangalagiri that are some of the cottons that will never fail to keep you in cool comfort. For winter festivals throw a lovely woolen shawl on thicker materials and go ahead to enjoy your favourite holidays with friends and family.

Office wear

Light coloured cottons and synthetics in understated designs work well when you decide to wear a saree to office. Favoured by many woman professionals as formal wear, sarees worn with simple, sleeveless, high neck blouses can make you look dignified and smart. Of course, you can jazz it up for the office party. 

Devotional day out

You are visiting a temple, church or mosque to offer prayers or just for a change of air. Silk cottons look seriously good as they are light, bright and sit well on our bodies all through the day. They come in delightful double shades and along with the zari on the border catch the sun and make you sparkle as you walk with demure grace into your favoured place of worship.

Get together sarees

Going out with friends after ages? Decide to rock it with a saree. Get on a messaging app and find out what type of saree everyone is in the mood for? Think of a theme, colour or texture that will bring out what all of you are feeling about getting together. This outing is going to be so much more fun as you check out how each one has cleaned up. 

Statement sarees

What are you trying to convey? Are  you jazzy or snazzy today? Elegance, a unique sense of fashion or a strong protest – you can express yourself with a statement saree. You can stand out with dramatic designs, quotes, artwork in any colour from the palette that brings out your personality or specific message to the world. Make that statement with a saree.

Now that you have the seven sarees, you are well equipped to face any special day that comes your way.

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