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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖

Authenticity -Silk Mark

Two female models on a yellow background with silk mark logo on the wall


All our 100% silk sarees are authenticated with the silk mark seal.

The authenticity of Silk Mark is backed by Silk Mark Organisation of India (SMOI), which is promoted by the Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, and the Government of India.

Silk Mark Organisation Of India (SMOI) is a registered Society under Karnataka Society Act 1960 with Registration No.1054 / 2003-2004 dated 19/01/2004. Silk Mark is an initiative by Central Silk Board (CSB), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

By purchasing silk mark labelled products from us, consumers get an assurance that they are indeed purchasing 100% pure and natural silk products.