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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
7 Sarees to gift your wife - Seven Sarees

7 Sarees to gift your wife


What a topic to pick! Many would prefer cracking rocket science to venturing into this tough decision. Women love sarees- this is a universal truth. But, they mostly like to choose their own sarees according to their personal style. This puts you, the doting husband, under a double edged sword. But don’t worry , here are Seven Sarees that she will always love and make for excellent gifts

  • An off-white Tussar silk saree:

  • Tussar is a versatile silk saree that suits all body types and supports multiple drapes. They are considered "cooler” than their other counterparts as they have a raw look to them , supported by no to little zari work, which makes them more casual than their brocade counterparts. Find one such gorgeous piece in offf white- you won’t go wrong here! Off- white suits every skin type and color and lo behold, you have an unbeatable combo!

  • A Sequined saree:

  • Sequins are a rage this year. Whites, pinks, blues all in pastel tones are loved by women everywhere. If you look through your wife’s collection and find that she usually likes softer, lighter colors, this is your best pick! However, if your wife prefers darker shades, you can choose a darker shade saree with sequins around the border alone.

  • The parrot green saree:

  • Dear men, let us let you in on a little secret! Parrot green, especially a lighter version of it,  is a crowd favorite. Women love these sarees as they stand out and these usually suit all sorts of skin tone as an added bonus. Don’t miss this when planning your wife’s gift trousseau.

  • The Chikankari saree:

  • Original chikankari sarees come quite expensive making it a great gifting choice. Some sarees take up 6 months to make as they are hand embroidered and this is something your wife is going to love. The only flip side is that the market is flooded with cheap alternatives so it is important to see the back side of the embroidery before buying. If you see messy knots and loops, you are taking home a lucknawi original. But if you see clean cuts, sorry, my friend, that ‘s a fake!

  • The Organza:

  • I wish we could rename the Organza as a “perfect day date saree”. Thin, gauzy, see through, summer colors, this fabric is so gorgeous making the wearer feel instantly the center of attention. Try not to pick original silk organza as that may come with heavy work killing the “day-date” effect, but rather go for synthetic varieties that give the perfect vibe

  • The Ajrakh:
  • Ajrakh sarees are hand made on natural dyes and are amazing keepsakes. These sarees, like you , are a labor of love. They signify handmade perfection and are quite poetic in the way they are made. This is something you will never go wrong with. However, original Ajrakh’s are hard to come about and the market is flooded with cheap alternatives like digital or screen printed ones. An easy way to check the description if you are buying online or to see if the fabric has a blue , green or red undertone, which is typical of natural dyes. Needless to mention, if your wife is very environmentally conscious, this makes it the perfect pick for her.

  • The Mulmul cotton:

  • Originally from Bengal, the mulmul cotton is a thin , flowy around 60 gsm fabric. It feels very light on the body and gives an amazing drape. It is easy to wear and can be maintained very easily too. This gift will give your wife the opportunity to rock the saree at her office without sweating and pulling at the pleats all day long. When in doubt, go mulmul 🙂

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