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7 ways to accesorise in a saree - Seven Sarees

7 ways to accesorise in a saree

Sarees look spectacular when worn with the right accessories. There are seven things you should consider when you choose your saree.

First comes footwear

Wear elegant ones with heels or platforms. Even a two inch heel in your footwear can improve your stature remarkably, especially if you are wearing a saree. You can match the texture of the sarees with your  footwear, silk for silk, embroidery for embroidery. You can also match the patterns, and you know how well all this will photograph.

Secondly, style your hair

Wash and set your hair in multiple ways that suit your personality. You can let it flow down your back, or knot it high on your head. You can also plait it and decorate your hair with flowers. If your saree is in chiffon or georgette a matching head band or a french braid will look fantastic with it.

Ear rings according to the hair style

If your hair, short or long, is let loose, it might hide the tiny earrings you usually wear. This is when you pick the long, dangling ones because they also look great with a saree. Elaborate, local designs look good with traditional sarees, and for the modern prints, you can wear angular drops or small matching ear rings in silver.

Now, what to wear around your neck…

The basic rule is, if the saree is grand, the jewellery should be simple, and if the saree is simple, the jewellery can be heavy. If you have picked a saree covered in sequins and golden threads, wear a slim necklace that doesn’t drive the saree to the back seat. If you have worn a saree which is plain silk or silk cotton, put on a brilliant necklace that will enhance the overall look

Anklets and toe rings

One of the many ways women decorated their feet and made  their gentle presence felt was to always wear anklets and toe rings. Everyone knew who was walking in without looking up by the distinct sound made by a particular toe rink or the tinkling of an anklet.

Eastern makeup

Kohl or surma for the eyes, bindi and sindoor : all go better with saree than any other costume or dress. Be sure to complete the desi vibe with these add ons.

Henna or nail polish?

If you are going to office in a saree, put on some nail polish. But if it is for a celebration, what other way to add to the festive look than the henna designs  on your hand and feet. And if you are going to dance on stage, paint your feet and palms red with alta.

There you go! You look great in a saree and its seven accessories.

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