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An epic saree - Draupadi's vastra on the telly - Seven Sarees

An epic saree - Draupadi's vastra on the telly


 Actors from movies and television series are among the most sought after models for sarees, be it classic silks or the latest designer wear. Some styles become the rage of the season, but one epic saree managed o capture the imagination of millions of Indian women and found an esteemed place in their wardrobe: The yellow silk with the red border that the character Draupadi wore in the tv series , Mahabarath.

The Making of the Draupadi Saree

There is no mention in the ancient texts about the colour of Draupadi’s saree when the Kauravas failed in their attempt to disrobe her. The costume designer imagined that Draupadi wore a beautiful, yellow silk piece in six yards, which was embellished with a rich, golden red border. Actor Roopa Ganguly looked spectacular in it, and mesmerised the audience with her portrayal of the trauma of Draupadi who was subjected by public humiliation.

The Impact of the Draupadi Saree

The early 90s was a time when everyone, literally everyone. sat together with their families and friends to watch the epic, Mahabarath. One eventful day, everyone had gathered to watch the new episode of the series. They watched with bated breaths as Draupadi was dragged into the court in what was a six metre saree. But in this scene, the saree grows endlessly in size with the blessing of Lord Krishna, as Dushasana tries and fails to disrobe Draupadi. The costumers had used a second saree that was 250 metres in length and piled up at the feet of Dushasan in the shape of a mountain. The scene was impactful and marketers decided to cash in on this. 

Unique and Different Sarees

One brand advertised that they were selling the Draupadi sarees and every retailer followed suit with their copies. Yellow sarees in pure silk, crepe silk and artificial silk flooded the market and every woman had a chance to buy this saree in the material that suited her budget. When you went to weddings that year, you could see how the yellow silk was everywhere, on everyone.


Women always want their sarees to be unique and different from those worn by their friends and family. But this saree was one big exception. This was one time in the history of the saree that everyone wanted the same thing- The Draupadi saree.

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