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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
How to choose a saree based on your height - Seven Sarees

How to choose a saree based on your height


Common wisdom can help us choose the best saree for our height

Very large to large borders

Suppose you are over five feet and five inches, go for these very large borders without hesitation. They will add a grandeur to your drape. For a person who is just over five feet, a large portion of the body will have to be tucked inside. It will look like half your hip-to-feet is covered by the body of the saree and the rest is the border. Again, go for it, if you dig that look.

Medium sized borders

They look great on short as well as tall persons, which is why most sarees are woven with medium sized borders. This also means you get numerous sarees to select the one piece that you love the most. The colour palettes of today enable designers to create never-thought- of combination of body and border, and you can keep browsing till you find the combo that takes your breath away. 

Small borders

A thin ribbon of gold or a thin colourful stripe or two can make for an excellent border. Especially if you are around five feet tall. The flowery prints or designs that cover over almost all over the body will make quite an impression and actually make you look tall. A border which is slightly bigger and of more or less the same colour as the body will also have the same effect.

A saree with no border 

Such a saree is considered tasteful and fashionable and look great on all persons regardless of the height. If you do not have a saree without a border it’s time for you to look for one and see how it suits you. 


So much creative thought goes into designing the combination of body and border in each and every saree. Find the right saree for your height, and get ready to look like a million dollars.  

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