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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
How to rock the half saree - Seven Sarees

How to rock the half saree


After a short hiatus, it is back! The half saree or three piece ensemble of  skirt, blouse and long half saree are back in fashion and with a bang!

“It was the height of fashion in my school days! The Half-saree was such a dreamy costume!” sighs Revathi reminiscent of her youth in the 1960s. “Oh yes,” chimes in her friend Sharada, “I loved the look of the half saree so much that I refused to drape a saree up untill an hour before the auspicious muhurath on my wedding day. I was so heart broken not to be able to wear a half saree after I wed.” Ironically, many brides today choose to wear something akin to a half saree during their wedding receptions.

Half Saree vs Assamese Saree vs Lehenga Choli 

These south Indian women would be in for a surprise of their life times, if they visited Assam, where the saree is so similar to the half saree that holds a special place in their hearts! 

 “This is an Assamese saree, not a half saree” would be a standard retort from women in the north eastern state. “You can call it a lehenga and a choli” would be how women and central India would label it. Call it what you like, this three piece garment is sensual, glamorous and is draped around in innumerable ways. 

The Art of Draping 

The trick is to identify which of the three garments would be rich in design and which part of the half saree would be plain. You could wear a printed blouse and skirt and a plain shawl to go with the two or you could wear a plain skirt with a gorgeously designed and embroidered blouse and shawl. The combinations can be endless and a wonderful way to express your sense of colour and design. You can pleat the shawl at the hip and wear it with a metal belt around your waist. Or you could just throw it over your head and shoulders and look fabulously fashionable.


You have to wear a half saree to know how comfortable it is and how suitable for the climate for most of the places in India. 

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