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Is the saree back in fashion - Seven Sarees

Is the saree back in fashion


Has the saree ever been out of fashion? Fashionistas never stopped blowing up their phones in gorgeous sarees; and they always got a zillion likes. Name one celebrity, model or film star who did not look over a saree draped shoulder at the camera. Every star still banks on the saree to look uber sexy, and their fans remember not just their lovely looks but their amazing sarees with all intricacies of their design as well.

Saree in Indian Culture

And it’s not just celebrities and hi-fashion that rocks the saree look. When the lay person wants to look special on occasions such as weddings, farewell parties and graduation ceremonies, we go for the ensemble of saree, blouse and traditional jewelry.. We spend hours discussing the nuances of colour, texture of the material and the pattern for the blouse. Then we spend a day making the purchase and then try it out multiple times to get the right look.

Saree, the most common denominator of the country

It is true that we are not like the women in rural India who is always in a saree. She works at home as well as in the field, with the pallu tucked tight around her waist and even sleeps in it. But just ask her about her saree and she will explain the fascinating details of her favourite colour combination and print preferences. The saree brings out the fashion sense in every one, rich, middle class or poor.


Every aspect of the saree makes a fashion statement of its own. Would you prefer a perfectly matched silk inskirt? Or do you want just a plain blouse  to be the background to your vibrant pallu? So much designing has always gone into the weaving, dying and printing on sarees. Sarees can never go out of fashion for fashion cannot absolutely do without the saree.

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