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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Saree for your best friend's wedding - Seven Sarees

Saree for your best friend's wedding

It’s her big day. Your bestie is getting married. She has got herself, gorgeous silks, delicate chiffons and beautiful georgettes. But , What about you?Confused about what to wear to your bestie’s wedding? We got you covered!

  • Create a theme among friends: 

  • If more than 2 of you are attending the wedding, check among your friends for a common color or a theme that you can shop for. Once you narrow down on something like pastel florals, the whole shopping becomes much easier. Of course , you will discuss body type, skin color and other preferences to arrive at a final choice. Remember not to get one that is too similar to the bride’s in color and design.

  • Pick a contrast blouse:

  • In general, double- colored outfits stand out, while not taking attention away from the bride. What you can easily do to achieve this in Indian weddings is to ensure you have a contrast blouse and an interesting design. If it is a sunny outdoor wedding, you can go for backless, sleeveless styles whereas for cool, Indoor or night weddings, you can choose an embellished 3/4th sleeve blouse.

  • Keep your drape simple:

  • Best friend’s wedding is not a place to experiment with the new dhoti style saree or ruffle things up. It is also not your stage that you can conquer it with grandeur by picking a very expensive saree. Your best bet will be to stick with the traditional drape and a very tight wrap of the saree. This also helps especially when you may sign up for some impromptu dancing,then the pallu doesn't get in the way.

  • Don’t forget to accessorize:

  • A cute potli, a metal Kamarband, these are wedding guest necessities. Do not forget to ensure your jewelry, bag and other accessories complement your saree. They should not outshine the ensemble created for the bride. There are so many unique accessories that are simple, yet stylish.

    With these simple tips, you are now ready to rock your bestie's wedding!

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