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Seven bridal sarees - Seven Sarees

Seven bridal sarees

Here are the seven important sarees for every bride!

The day before the wedding

Everyone wants to look at the bride, and not just on the day of the wedding. The soon to be bride is surrounded by aunts, cousins and friends wishing her well. Printed silk, bright cottons or plain soft silks would be the best choice for this day, which is the day before the wedding.

The mehendi

Embroidered creations are best suited for the bride who is getting her hands and feet decorated, along with her peers and several other women in the family. The saree can be any material from chiffon to tussar silk but at the same time festive and ornamental as all eyes would be on the bride here as well.


This festival of song and dance is usually held at night, and the bride should wear something that catches the lights. Sequins  and stones would provide the girl with the glamour as she swirls and sways to music with family and friends.

The engagement

 The engagement is the beginning of a life long commitment and the bride’s saree would be part of the treasured memory. A good amount of zari is on display and the bride gets to chose a bright shade of her favourite colour.

The morning of the wedding

This saree is what she wears before she receives her bridal saree in a ceremony. This saree should be of a different colour and design from the saree she is about to receive, but should be equally celebratory. It should also go to some extent with the jewellery that she has worn already.

The wedding saree

The colour, material and length of this saree depends on how traditional the bride wants the look to be, as well as which part of the country she is from. Some brides even chose to get a saree in cotton if they feel they will never wear this style again. But most of them go for silk and this saree is chosen with utmost care with the help of all the family members.

The reception

The bride gets to wear the most amazing party wear to the reception, and this where she really gets to pick the dreamiest of drapes. But it is not only the bride, but every one who attends these weddings get to go for designer wear on this occasion. For the bride, this saree would be in the latest trend and designed to her taste.

So these are the seven bridal sarees. Those who are from different regions of the country may follow a completely different set of customs, but brides everywhere get to chose these beautiful creations that stay with them for a lifetime.

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