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Seven superb Banarasi styles - Seven Sarees

Seven superb Banarasi styles

Seven Superb Banarasi styles

Sarees woven in around Varanasi are called Banarasi sarees. The weavers of Banaras have been mentioned in historical texts since the 14th century. According to those texts the popular weaving communities wove cotton fabrics in the early days. But in the 19th century they began weaving with silk. They have since then created many distinct styles in silk. These sarees have now become an important part of the bridal trousseau.

Let’s list out the outstanding styles that come under the umbrella term of Banarasi silk  


These sarees have a heavy texture, especially around the pallu because the designs are woven in the weft. The additional silk threads make the saree look unique. Initially, the design were woven only in silk thread, but in later years, gold and silk zaree have made the brocade in the border as well as the body more suited to the consumer’s taste.

The Jamawar patterns are created in the same way as the Tanchoi patterns. What differentiates the two styles is that while Tanchoi motifs are woven with a single colour, more than one colour is used to create the Jamawar motifs. Zaris are used occasionally, and silk threads are used to create the design for most of the sarees.

Amru gets its names from the mango motifs. Also known as Hemaru, these brocade sarees are woven with silk thread. What differentiates them is that their richness comes from pure silk that  does not have gold or silver threads woven into it.


These are a synonym for luxury. Gold threads cover most of the saree with traditional designs inspired by nature: Lions, deer, peacocks, birds, flowers and leaves adorn these gorgeously grand sarees.


This translates to running water, which is indicative of the flowing quality of the saree. This variety of saree is made up of very fine, transparent material using cotton and silk variations. Popular lore mentions how angry Aurangazeb was, with his daughter for wearing these transparent clothes stitched from this material. She argued with him that she had seven sets of suits on.


These are expensive and elegant sarees which are passed on from one generation to another. A lot of golden threads are interwoven in this saree to give it a brilliant and sophisticated look.

Tissue sarees

These sarees are smooth, shiny and fast moving products and have plain body with meenakari work done in the border and pallu, using gold and silver thread. These sarees are made with silk as well as other synthetic materials and are a popular choice among the youth.

It is a great experience to windowshop, feel the fabric and finally decide on which variety you want to buy.

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