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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Seven tips to chose a saree according to your shape - Seven Sarees

Seven tips to chose a saree according to your shape


While it is alright to be figure conscious in an increasingly image-oriented world, we must remember that the concept of an ideal body shape varies from time to time and from place to place. Keep in mind how you want to project yourself when you check yourself out in the mirror. There are women who flaunt their midriffs in transparent sarees. Some of them have small waists, but many of them are comfortable in their own skins even if their mid portion is not fashionably slim. The latter look lovely as they are unselfconscious and graceful and can pull off every type of saree.

That being said, here are some tips on how you can choose a saree based on how you wish to present your body.

  1. If you want to look bigger, choose stiff cottons that make your torso look broader. Trendy checks and bold prints will add to the effect. 
  2. Does it mean that women who are a larger size cannot wear cotton? You can kill it in cotton if you just starch it a little less. The saree would then be flowy and cling on to your curves and also feel very comfortable to wear.
  3. Looking for maternity clothes? The baby bump before and after your baby’s birth will look cute in a silk saree. Plain colours will make you look smaller and soft silks go well with a body that is changing in shape. And, if you wish to follow the celebrity trends, wear a transparent georgette to reveal the adorable bump in your belly.
  4. Georgettes and chiffons look good on curvy bodies and they come in some really lovely shades these days. Women of every body type can go for these flowy, light sarees.
  5. Do you feel tiny and swallowed by a silk saree and still wish to wear it? Get yourself a waist belt or oddiyanam or vaddanam and it will hold the saree in place and also showcase how smart you look.
  6. A  richly embroidered blouse or a bright border adorning your chest will shift people’s gazes to the top portion of your body. So do not listen to anyone who tells you that your hips are too wide for a particular kind of saree. You can look great in it if you take care to select one with an attractive border or a jazzy blouse.
  7. The final word on this is, if you fall in love with a saree for its softness or its design, go ahead and wear. No one should be denied the pleasure of wearing something they love due to the dictates of ever changing ‘ideals’ of beauty.
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