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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Three top trends in sarees today - Seven Sarees

Three top trends in sarees today


Pastel, plain and yet so plush - three top trends in sarees today!

Minimalist Prints and Designs

The first thing you notice in the trending sarees is how print or design is used: so sparingly that the overall effect is the sheer fall and flow of a single lovely colour. In a few pieces, self design, embroidered patches and simple prints on the border subtly enhance this impression of silky, soft splendour. The blouse and border, bedecked with contrasted but muted prints, do not distract, but just offset the glossy elegance of the rest of the saree.

Dominance of Pastel Shades

One more thing that stands out is the domination of pastel shades. Yes, there is one wine red saree here or a black there and a pink in between, but all across the new collections, pastel blue, cream, the palest of pinks and yellows and some double shades make you catch your breath. If you did not think of buying such a saree, this is the time to rethink. Especially, if you are going abroad and plan to sashay through parties in sarees. These shades typically send Westerners into raptures as pastel hues impress them far more than deep, earthy colours or bright, bling tones.

Silky and Glossy Textures

Thirdly, the textures of today are silky and glossy, catching the light and reflecting it as only smooth textures can do. What this third element does to the trending drapes of the day is to add a richness that you necessarily do not associate with pastel and plain. Luckily for the beautiful women of today, these sarees are not heavy, but light. They make every size look good with their simple yet classy look. 

Exceptions to the Trend

The occasional glitter of gold threads and brilliant borders appear in a few pieces. There is also a saree or two which has glittering beads and stones sewn on them. But overall they are rich designs printed or woven all across the body of the saree is just an exception to the trend and do not eclilpse the trend, which is more of plain, a million shades of pastel and shiny plush look.

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