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Why the world loves Tamilnadu cotton saree - Seven Sarees

Why the world loves Tamilnadu cotton saree

Tamil Nadu is not just famous for giving us one of the oldest classical language, Tamil and the much loved Kanchipuram silk sarees,But also for giving us some of the best quality cotton sarees.

Chettinad, Coimbatore, Madurai, Kanchi are great places to get some authentic cotton sarees.

Let’s dig into the speciality of each region

Coimbatore: The Kovai Kora cotton is born here and has in fact secured the Geographical indication status by the government of India. It is a silk-cotton mix saree made from high quality yarns resulting in a beautiful handloom saree. These sarees can rarely be found outside the state and are considered exclusive in other parts of the country

Madurai: Coming from longer cotton fibers, these sarees are recognised for their quality and vibrancy of colors. The weavers in fact credit it to the water of River Vaigai! Apart from plain cottons with temple designs, madurai is also exclusively the only supplier of sungudi sarees, a resist dyeing technique on cotton sarees to give a beautiful play of hide n seek between the  dye and fabric 

Kanchi: Beautiful Kanchi motifs of peacocks and elephants combined with temple architecture make up the Kanchi belt of sarees. Intricately woven borders and pallus with buttas here and there complete this look.

Chettinad: Chettinad denotes a portion of sivaganga district famous for giving the world, kandaagi sarees. Mostly known for their weight and dramatic patterns, these sarees belong to an era where the saree was a single piece garment without the blouse and underskirt. Preferred till date by tamilians all over the world, this saree has evolved to adapt to a much younger generation while still preserving the look of a By- gone era.

Thus, with excellent quality and vibrant colors, Tamilnadu’s cotton sarees are so well loved and sought after. Traders for generations, weaver communities in Tamil Nadu have preserved their quality despite a wide distribution network through the world.

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