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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
7 popular saree styles - Seven Sarees

7 popular saree styles

Plain- with or without border

The plain saree never goes out of fashion. Every year, some designs become very popular and overshadow the plain saree till the craze fades. But it is always there in the wardrobe. This plain saree can be a stylish cotton with a thin ribbon border, or a heavy silk with a bright border, or just a plain , modern weave in pastel in georgette. In all its forms the plain saree has many takers.

Self design

This is a subtle variation of the plain saree as in the design in the saree is woven in the same colour thread. This makes the saree look completely different and has a mesmerizing effect. The design can be floral, geometric or shadow work with rangoli designs. Some people are very partial to this saree for its subtle, yet strong impact

Contrast border

This is as popular as the plain saree. The border defines the saree as well as strengthens the edges against wear and tear. The strengthening of the edges that may scrape the floor was the only intent of the weavers when they incorporated them in unstitched garments such as the saree. Soon they began designing the border with threads of other colours, with zari and later with motifs representative of their culture.

Floral and animal designs

Some love tiny flowers in light pink and blue, on their sarees, while others like large ones in yellow or red. Some love leaves and mangoes, especially in gold. Floral designs to suit every personality and the taste of every female are found in  sarees. Creativity is unlimited and so are the unlimited floral designs that beautify the saree. Saree designs often incorporate animals like deer, peacock and the elephant.

Geometric pattern

A kaleidoscope of geometric patterns are used on the saree. The simple ones are preferred by those who work in offices, and persons with a creative bent chose sarees with complex geometric patterns. Tribal prints too incorporate plenty of thin vertical stripes or broad stripes. Dots too are often used to beautify sarees. 

Modern prints

Modern prints have clusters of flowers rising above the border or in clusters just in the pallu. They are everything unexpected. They are often accompanied by blouses in unusual designs such as frilly arms or halter necks. There are also multiple stitched versions ranging from the usual to bizarre.

Theme sarees

Sarees with mythological events woven into them, with Buddha as a motif or with a message for the day are being designed for particular occasions. These sarees are made to order and can be had a low cost if it is for a group and at a premium range if the person wants to be seen as exclusive.

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