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Seven Tussar Trivia - Seven Sarees

Seven Tussar Trivia

What is Tussar silk? 

We can understand this silk from the variety of names it has. It is also known as Bhagalpur silk, as it is mostly woven in Bhagalpur district in Bihar. Apart from West Bengal and Chattisgarh, this type of silk is woven in China, Japan and Srilanka as well. Based on the  leaves eaten by the silk worms the Chinese call it Tasar. As it is found in the wild and grown by tribals, it is also known as wild silk. And if you want to know its history, it probably dates back to ancient times, as it has a Sanskrit name: Kosa Silk.

How is Tussar different from other silks?

It is more textured than other silks, which means it feels a bit rough and has an uneven surface. This is because the silk worms do not feed on mulberry leaves. The moths that come out of these cocoons are yellowish brown in colour, which give the silk its natural golden colour, which is its second distinguishing feature.

Why is it  sometimes called as ahimsa silk?

Some tribal communities wait for the worms to leave the cocoons before they boil the silk to make it soft. The silk from these communities is called ahimsa silk.

How does the silk feel when we wear it?

The threads of tussar silk are very short. So they are woven in a checked pattern that makes them heavier than other silk. The saree is porous and helps the skin breathe. At the same time it also offers warmth when draped around well during winter. It is very comfortable to wear.

Is it easy to wear a tussar saree?

Being slightly rough hewn , Tussar silk does not cling to your body. It is semi transparent, glows naturally and gives a very elegant. It lends itself very easily to pleats and the wearer can carry themselves very well.

Are tussar sarees available only in cream and gold?

The basic fabric is cream or a glowing brown in colour. But it is dyed in multiple colours and designs such as checks and stripes. 

How do we maintain the tussar silk saree?

As the thread is very short, it should not be washed and wrung like cotton. Drywashing once in a couple of months and ironing will help you use the tussar for a long time.

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