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Heartfelt Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Beyond the Ordinary Presents - Seven Sarees

Heartfelt Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Beyond the Ordinary Presents

Mother's Day is a special occasion to show our moms just how much they mean to us. Your mom, the epitome of love and care, who stands by you as your friend, philosopher, and guide, deserves nothing but the best. Her unconditional love and tireless support make every moment special, and on this day dedicated to celebrating her, why not make her feel as cherished as she makes you feel? 

A thoughtfully chosen gift can speak volumes, and incorporating a saree for Mother's Day into your present is a beautiful way to honour the timeless bond you share. Our guide is filled with handpicked sarees and tips to help you find the perfect one for your mom, ensuring your gift to her this year goes beyond the ordinary and touches her heart deeply.

The Symbolism of Sarees

A saree stands out as an exceptional Mother's Day gift, blending timeless elegance with deep cultural roots. Sarees are more than just attire; they are a cherished part of Indian tradition, symbolising grace and beauty. When you choose a saree for your mom, you're not just giving her a piece of clothing; you're offering a token of love that celebrates her style and the rich heritage she embodies.

Firstly, sarees exude a timeless elegance that never fades, making them suitable for both everyday elegance and special occasions. Imagine the joy your mom would feel draping a saree that mirrored her timeless beauty and grace. Secondly, the variety in sarees is endless, ensuring you can find one that perfectly captures your mother's taste and personality. From vibrant colours to exquisite fabrics and designs, each saree tells its own story.

Moreover, sarees hold profound cultural significance, allowing your mother to connect with her heritage on a deeper level. Comfort is another hallmark of sarees, crafted from materials like cotton, silk, and chiffon that are gentle on the skin. 

Choosing a saree from an ethical source also supports fair trade practices, benefiting small artisans and weavers. And with their one-size-fits-all nature, you eliminate the guesswork of sizing, ensuring a perfect fit. Ultimately, the unmatched beauty and elegance of a saree can make your mother feel truly regal, making it an unparalleled gift that celebrates her in all her splendour.

Choosing the Perfect Saree

Select a saree that will make your mom feel cherished this Mother's Day. Taking a trip down memory lane can be incredibly insightful. Start by looking at old photos to understand your mom's saree preferences. The initial research can clue you into her style without spoiling the surprise.

When trying to gauge her current tastes, engage in smooth, indirect conversations. Casual remarks about fabric types or colour preferences can reveal a lot without giving away your intention. Additionally, a sneak peek into her wardrobe might uncover hidden gems and preferences, potentially guiding you towards the perfect choice.

When in doubt, classic sarees are a safe bet. Timeless options like a golden silk saree with zari borders or a soft pink Lucknowi piece are universally appealing. The key is to prioritise quality, ensuring the saree reflects the enduring nature of your love. For a hassle-free experience, consider shopping online, which offers a vast selection of styles and detailed guides to help you choose.

Opting for pure silks can add an extra touch of elegance and timelessness to your gift. Whether it's a vibrant Banarasi or a sophisticated Kanchipuram, these silks are always in vogue. This approach ensures your gift will be both beautiful and cherished, embodying the special bond you share with your mom.

Adding a Personal Touch

The goal is to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary, ensuring your gift reflects a deep personal connection and appreciation for all that she means to you.

Personalised Photo Gifts: Begin with something that tugs at the heartstrings—a gift adorned with memories. Personalised photo gifts, such as albums, canvases, or frames, serve as a treasure trove of shared moments and joys. 

Custom Jewellery: Elevate the classic gift of jewellery by infusing it with personal touches. Engrave a special message or your mother's name on a beautiful piece, or opt for a birthstone necklace that represents the members of your family, making it a truly personalised keepsake.

Home Decor with a Personal Twist: For the mom who loves a cosy and inviting home, customised home decor can be the perfect gift.

Spa Day for Relaxation: Show your mom how much you value her well-being with a personalised spa gift basket. Curate a selection of her favourite relaxation products—lotions, bath bombs, and candles.

Customised Kitchen Gifts: For the mom who finds joy in cooking, personalised kitchen items like aprons, cutting boards, or oven mitts with heartfelt messages can make everyday tasks feel more special. 

Tech Gifts with a Personal Touch: For the tech-savvy mom, customised tech accessories can blend practicality with personalisation. Consider a custom-designed laptop or phone case or an engraved charging station to keep her devices powered in style.

Capturing the Moment

A Mother's Day photoshoot can turn into an unforgettable gift, immortalising the essence of motherhood in snapshots of love, joy, and togetherness. Mother's Day is the perfect backdrop to celebrate and capture the unique bond between a mother and her children, creating cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Photography has the power to freeze moments of love, support, and strength that a mother provides, serving as a visual legacy for future generations. From candid moments that capture the spontaneous joy of being together to styled portraits set in meaningful locations, the goal is to showcase the special relationship in a way that feels true to you.

Consider a lush garden setting for the nature-loving mom or a playful beach day shoot for families who love the sea. Adding props like flowers or balloons can infuse a playful and celebratory mood into the photos. Preparing for the shoot involves choosing a location that resonates with the family, coordinating outfits for a cohesive look, and selecting simple colour palettes to keep the focus on the subjects.

Whether it's a park, a beach, or a garden, the setting should enhance the beauty of the moment, making the photoshoot a heartwarming celebration of motherhood and the irreplaceable bond it fosters.

Celebrating Tradition and Modernity

Mother's Day gifts can beautifully blend the richness of tradition with the freshness of modernity, creating presents that are as unique and multifaceted as our moms themselves. In the spirit of moving beyond ordinary gifts, this approach honours the past while embracing the present, mirroring the evolving role of mothers in our lives.

Traditionally, gifts like sarees symbolise respect and appreciation for our cultural heritage, offering a nod to the timeless elegance and strength of our mothers. These gifts serve as a bridge connecting generations, carrying stories and sentiments that are passed down through the years.

By choosing a saree, you're not just giving a piece of clothing; you're gifting a legacy, a piece of art that celebrates her grace and the cultural wisdom she embodies. On the flip side, modern gifts can cater to the contemporary aspects of her personality. Whether it's tech-savvy gadgets, personalised spa days, or custom jewellery, these presents reflect her current interests and the modern joys of motherhood.

They acknowledge her individuality and the diverse roles she plays today, from being a guide to a friend. By marrying tradition with modernity in your Mother's Day gifts, you create a harmonious blend that celebrates your mom's heritage, achievements, and personal journey.


As we wrap up our journey through heartfelt Mother's Day gift ideas, remember it's the thought and love behind the gift that truly count. Whether it's a personalised saree or a comfort-driven fabric from Seven Sarees, the aim is to make your mom feel cherished. Choose with your heart, and you'll undoubtedly make this Mother's Day unforgettable for her.


Are there any unique ways to customise or personalise a saree? 

Yes, you can personalise a saree by adding a monogrammed pallu or border, incorporating your mom's initials, or customising it with a special message woven into the fabric, making it a truly unique gift.

Do Sarees provide comfort in its fabric? 

Seven Sarees is known for its commitment to comfort, offering sarees in breathable fabrics like cotton, silk, and chiffon, ensuring your mom enjoys both elegance and ease throughout the day.

How can I choose a saree as a Mother's Day gift? 

Consider your mom's style and preferences. Look for colours and patterns she loves, and select a fabric that suits the occasion she's most likely to wear it for, ensuring it reflects her personality.

Can I get an easy-to-drape saree for a Mother's Day gift?

Absolutely! Opt for lightweight fabrics like georgette or pre-stitched sarees. These are easier to drape and manage, making them perfect for moms who love the look of a saree without the fuss.

How do I choose the right fabric and colour for a saree that complements my mom's personality and skin tone? 

Selecting a saree involves considering your mom's personal style and the colours that flatter her skin tone.

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