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How to Care for Your Tissue Saree and Keep It Timelessly Beautiful - Seven Sarees

How to Care for Your Tissue Saree and Keep It Timelessly Beautiful

Sarees have a way of making every woman effortlessly feel confident, glamorous, and elegant. Whether you are a modern lady who keeps up with changing trends or someone who stays loyal to the classics, a saree is something that will always stay in your wardrobe. If you are a fond collector of traditional outfits, you will surely have a silk tissue saree amongst them. It is one of the most lightweight and delicate fabrics. This indicates that you have to take care of it with precision.

In this blog, we will take you through the proper storage and handling steps to keep in mind.

Storage Tips for Tissue Sarees

A tissue silk saree has an airy and soft texture. Its lightweight fabrication makes the saree a “handle with care” clothing. To keep it nice after use, make sure to store it cautiously. Here is what you can do –

  • Fold the saree properly instead of hanging it. Doing that can lead to unnecessary deformation or stretching.
  • Store your saree in a cool and dry place (avoid sunlight)
  • Wrap the saree in a muslin cloth to avoid insect damage or moisture build-up

Following these simple storage tips will increase the longevity of your saree and keep it in good condition.

Handling and Avoiding Snags

A pure tissue silk saree is delicate and requires you to keep a few things in mind for maintenance.

  • While you drape a tissue silk saree for a wedding, handle it with care, as it is prone to snagging. Do not pull or tug the fabric because that can lead to wrinkles or even damage.
  • Wear smooth undergarments along with your saree. This will reduce the friction between your skin and the fabric.
  • Always keep a check on the saree for loose threads and snags. If there is any such sign, you can tuck or trim those with scissors. This will prevent any further damage.

Along with these tips, keep your saree distant from sharp jewellery edges to prevent tears or snags.

Washing Guidelines

Washing your pure tissue silk saree is easy but requires thoughtfulness. Unlike other clothes which you directly through into the washing machine, this outfit expects care.

Before you wash the saree, make sure to check the label in case there are any special instructions. This will give you information about the fabric composition and cleaning steps, if any.

These are some of the basic tips to keep in mind, which are common for all tissue saree designs.

  • Dry Cleaning Considerations
  • Dry cleaning is one of the most sought-after caring choices for a pure tissue saree. If you are unsure about how to clean the saree, take it to a professional dry cleaner. Their modern equipment and expertise will give your clothing a fresh look without any damage.

    If there are any fading issues or stains on your saree, inform the professional so that the right care steps can be undertaken.

  • Air Drying Techniques
  • Once you have washed the saree, drying is the next step. The best way to give a natural look to your saree is by hanging it on a rope and leaving it for air drying.

    Make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight, as that can lead to discolouration or fading. Air dry your saree away from sunlight, and once the fabric is completely free from moisture buildup, store it in your wardrobe.

  • Ironing the Tissue Saree
  • Ironing should be carried out with care. The heat can damage your delicate fabric if not ironed the right way. To do so, always put your machine in a low heat setting. Also, keep a pressing cloth in between to protect the saree.

    While you iron the saree, refrain from putting too much pressure, as that can leave iron marks or damage the delicate fabric. If your saree has any adornments or embellishments, iron on the other side to prevent damage.

    Protecting Against Perfume and Deodorant

    Saree is an amalgamation of subtle weaves. This artisanal clothing is delicate and gets affected quite easily. There are several tips to keep in mind so that your pure tissue silk saree does not succumb to various exposures. One tip is to use your deodorant or perfume perfectly.

    • Avoid spritzing your scents onto the saree directly. This can result in an unremovable stain and loads of disappointment.
    • Make sure to either spray your perfume before styling the saree or only use it on pulse points once you are ready.

    Tissue silk sarees transform you into a queen of elegance. That’s why, taking care of it becomes one of the important tasks at hand.


  • How should I wash my tissue saree?
  • You can wash your saree, but don’t opt for a washing machine. Use a mild detergent and hand wash it. You can fill a bucket and add a small quantity of detergent to it. Swirl the saree, but do not wring or rub it. Once you have rinsed it, squeeze out the excess water and hang it to dry.

  • What is the recommended method for removing stains from a tissue saree?
  • The best method for removing stains from a tissue saree is dry cleaning. The expert technique and tools will get rid of those stubborn marks.

  • Can I use fabric softeners or bleach when washing my tissue saree?
  • When it comes to a tissue saree, only use a mild detergent. Bleach or fabric softeners can result in discolouration.

  • Are there any specific guidelines for handling and wearing a tissue saree?
  • Always store a tissue saree wrapped in a muslin cloth. This will prevent any creases when you take it out for wearing. While wearing the saree, keep it away from rough jewellery edges, as it can snag the fabric.

  • What precautions should I take to prevent colour bleeding in my tissue saree during washing?
  • To make sure that there is no colour bleeding, always use a mild detergent and hand wash the saree. Do not throw it in the washer or use fabric softeners.

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