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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
How to wear a saree with a crop top - Seven Sarees

How to wear a saree with a crop top


Women of the 50’s and 60’s were very particular about their blouses. They were exact matches to the saree and mostly woven from the same fabric and loom as well. This was then cut and tailored into various designs that suited the occasion. 

Slowly through the 70’s and 80’s things got relaxed much more and these were substituted by blouses that fit in all occasions. Mostly a cotton counterpart who played the role happily and matched multiple sarees.

Blouses in 2000’s:

The 2000’s brought the concept of ready to wear blouses. Typically in colors of sandal, off white and Black , they were the ultimate best friend to your saree. Slowly beautiful Ikat weaves, kalamkari prints and even silks and brocades made their way into the readymade blouse family. 

Gen Z and Crop Tops:

However, when it was the gen Z’s time to wear a saree, they chose to drape it with their favorite trend, the crop top. Crop top is a knitted T-shirt or a woven top that stops at the waist. They were cute, comfortable and easy to wear. Far cheaper than the blouses, these became the go-to accessory for the saree. Gen Z brought in a whole new way to wear fusion fashion and here are some tips for you to carry it the same way.

  1. Long sleeves: A knit crop top with long sleeves makes the look instantly classy and elegant compared to the shorter sleeve versions that are plain frumpy. The other alternative is the halter neck which also gives the same outcome.

  1. Give the top its due: As the top will not have the typical issue of the blouse , which is visible closures. Your hook and eye, buttons , zippers etc are all gone now and you can give the top, as much attention as the saree itself. Especially if you are going for the whole retro look complete with ruffles and the lot.

  1. Skip The Kamarband: As the top and saree are already fighting for attention, it is good to skip other accessories on the body that may make you look messy. You can play with the styling and the drape but go lighter on the waist and body accessories. 

  1. Length matters: A crop top is exactly that, a cropped top. Do not try to recreate this look with a regular T-shirt as that may make you look heavier and bulkier around the waist. The Crop top has to end at the waist for the look to kick!

Hope you are raring to go with these new found tips and rock the party hard! Did we miss a particular tip that has worked for you, let us know!

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