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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Time saving tips for when you wear a ready made blouse - Seven Sarees

Time saving tips for when you wear a ready made blouse

It is 8 pm and you just realized that you forgot to pick the blouse from the tailor for the early morning wedding, the next day.

But you have already anticipated this and have a stock of ready made blouses to come to your rescue. But how would you choose the right blouse for your saree? Here are seven tips for the same:

  1. Match to the other color: When you look at your saree, you will figure one prominent color, then there will be slight undertones or secondary color. Always match your blouse to that color and not the main color. This will bring out the beauty of the saree. If your saree is plain and uni colored, go for contrast blouses.
  2. To Pad or not to pad: If you are not going to wear a bra, it is best to pick a padded blouse but if you are comfortable wearing a bra, then it is better to remove the pad as it may alter the shape of your chest and make you look bulkier. However, in general, if you prefer the pad, you can always go for it.
  3. Avoid the sneak peek: The blouse may not fit you well and this will be obvious when the shoulder sags and allows the bra strap to sneak from under. Most of the ready made blouses come with the bra holder which is a strip of cloth with tic buttons. Make sure the straps are well secured with these loops or add some safety pins if this is missing
  4. Of patterns and prints: If you generally wear plain sarees, having a set of patterned and printed blouses is very handy as they enhance the look of the saree with minimal efforts. Ikat, pochampally,kalamkari are some common patterns that go with plain sarees
  5. Gold or silver: Sometimes, you may have just gold, silver or black blouses in the readymade closet and may need to make a choice from them alone.Classic colors like red, green, yellow look good with Gold and retro colors like teal, turquoise, lilac, fuschia look good with silver. Black can be tagged with either colros
  6. Ill fitting blouse: If the blouse is tight, you can turn it inside out and check if there are extra stitches and loosen up a few inches. If it is loose, turn it upside down and give a quick running stitch along the edge to make it fit better. IF you are not good with need and thread, just take the lowest portion which sits under your bust and use a safety pin there, you dont need to worry about other spots
  7. Your bestie, the brooch: If your blouse is a plain one and you feel the saree is looking dull, you can accentuate the look by adding a brooch.. If you don't have a brooch, you can pick your heavy earring which you can attach to the blouse the same way you would to your ear and you are all set!
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