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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Look effortlessly beautiful in Dual Toned Sarees - Seven Sarees

Look effortlessly beautiful in Dual Toned Sarees

Double shade sarees, celebrated for their simplicity with a touch of uniqueness, are created by using two distinct colors for the lengthwise warp and crosswise weft. The weaving process involves a skillful interlacing of these contrasting threads, resulting in a subtle yet charming color combination. 

If you were looking for a purchasing guide to pick the right combinations, you are at the right place.

Top 7 Color Combinations that look great in dual tones:

With these beautiful dual tone shades, you can rock any event of the upcoming wedding season. Choosing a handloom saree on top of this will make for added elegance!

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