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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Saree - A Perfect Women Day's Gift Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe - Seven Sarees

Saree - A Perfect Women Day's Gift Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

A saree is a timeless addition to every woman’s wardrobe. Its flexibility and versatility turn this garment into an everyday styling choice. Wearing a saree is an integral part of our culture and is more than a piece of clothing. It is a sign of elegance, tradition, and femininity. You can wear your favourite saree every day or reserve that glorious garment for special occasions.

The importance of sarees can be felt in the way a woman lights up looking at one. This is what makes this attire a beautiful choice for International Women's Day gifting. It is a thoughtful option for your partner, mother, and BFF, as it is a form of expressing your love and respect for the superwoman in your life.

The Timeless Elegance of Sarees

Saree is a truly timeless beauty, and we are not just claiming it. You can feel it by the way it makes a woman feel. A saree never goes out of style, slays every silhouette, and fits right on every occasion. It makes her feel confident, stunning, and pretty.

Although today there are several options for a women’s day gift, what makes sarees a preferred choice is the cultural identity and heritage associated with it. A woman can wear it to the office, brunch dates, intimate get-togethers, and weddings.

Sarees as a Symbol of Empowerment

In India, the saree is not only thought of as another garment. It is a depiction of a woman’s gracefulness and her respect towards the culture. And that’s not it. This piece of clothing elevates her confidence and makes her feel empowered. There is something simplistic yet captivating about the saree that cannot be felt with other clothing.

Saree is a powerful symbol of individuality, leadership, and strength.

Gifting Sarees: A Thoughtful Gesture

We all have struggled with finalising Women's Day gift ideas. Many of us stick to the basics like “Best Women in Life” mugs, flowers, or a pack of chocolates. But aren’t these options mundane? Although thoughtful enough, they are not that useful for the women in our lives. It is time to switch to something different – a gorgeous saree. This is a beautiful choice for International Women's Day and will be appreciated by the ladies in your life.

The only thing remaining is to decide on the right one.

Choosing the Right Saree for Every Occasion

How to select the right saree for a Women’s Day gift? Here are some of the everlasting ideas you can choose from –

  • Kanjivaram
  • Mothers have a fascination with Kanjivaram sarees. These luxurious woven fabrics are made from mulberry silk and display a blend of motifs and zari patterns. This makes them beautiful and classic, a perfect option among other women's day gift ideas.

  • Banarasi
  • Banarasi is a graceful choice that is brought to us by the gifted artisans of Varanasi. Crafted from pure mulberry silk, this saree comes in shattir, kora organza, georgette, and katan silk. There, you can see an impeccable work of zari and gold borders and butidar motifs.

  • Jamdani
  • Jamdani or Dhakai is a gorgeous saree for working mothers and is made from sleek muslin fabric. Its discontinuous weft technique displays a labour-intensive finish. This is what makes a jamdani delicate and lightweight for everyday wear.

  • Tussar
  • The tussar silk saree is a choice for gifting modern women. This breathable and comfortable clothing is easy to drape and comes in a range of shades. A perfect choice for women’s day gifting, the saree is available in embroidery, floral print, digital print, and batik.

  • Organza
  • Organza is a lightweight and translucent saree that exudes shine and class. It comes in various prints like Dhakai, Kanchi, and Banarasi kora. If International Women’s Day is coming up, this saree will reflect your emotions and gratitude perfectly.

  • Chanderi
  • Chanderi is a print known for its royal look. It is designed on silk, cotton, tissue, and linen fabrics to exude a glossy and rich texture. They are lightweight and ideal for regular wear. A Chanderi saree is perfect for gifting your mom on International Women’s Day.

  • Chikankari
  • Chikankari is a delicate embroidery which brings the artist’s vision to life. This embroidery is generally observed on crepe, cotton, georgette, chiffon, and silk. There are several types of embroidered patterns available today, and they display an intricacy which is seldom seen in other prints.

  • Georgette
  • Georgette is a crinkled and lightweight material, which makes it a classic saree choice. Whether you are planning to gift a saree to your mother or wife, this saree promises a lot of love in return.

    Personalising the Gift

    International Women's Day is all about making the lady in your life feel loved and respected. What’s the better way of doing it than personalising your gift? With a saree, you can say it all without actual words. A saree is a fine piece of clothing that elevates confidence and mood. You can order the saree online and add a small letter along to jot down your feelings for her.


    1. How to choose a saree for a gift?

    The way to select the best saree for a Women’s Day gift is by understanding her choice. If she appreciates classic sarees, you can gift her Paithani, Kanjivaram, or Banarasi. If she loves a touch of modernity in her outfits, then linen, organza, and georgette are ideal.

    2. Are there sustainable and eco-friendly saree options available?

    There are sustainable saree choices available online, including organic cotton and bamboo silk.

    3. Are sarees suitable for all body types?

    Saree is a versatile attire and suits every body type gracefully.

    4. What should I consider when choosing a saree as a gift?

    If you are choosing a saree as a gift, make sure that the quality is good. Also, select the colour which she loves the most.

    5. How do I take care of a saree to ensure longevity?

    Sarees should not be machine washed. Make sure to get them dry-cleaned or hand washed to increase longevity.

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