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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Modal Silk: A Sustainable Silk Alternative - Seven Sarees

Modal Silk: A Sustainable Silk Alternative


Modal Silk: A Sustainable Silk Alternative

Understanding Modal Silk

The recent surge in the popularity of Modal Silk can be attributed to its radiant sheen and exceptional dye-retaining properties. However, it is crucial to distinguish this fabric from traditional silk, as Modal Silk is a fully plant-based substitute, derived from the cellulose of Birch tree bark. Despite its paper-like origin, extensive chemical processing earns it the classification of a "Man-Made" product.

From Innerwear to Sarees

Originally embraced by the innerwear industry for its unmatched softness, Modal has now found its way into the saree and apparel sector. Modal Silk Sarees, delicately woven using the satin technique, exhibit a sleek and glossy finish, making them an attractive choice for many fashion enthusiasts.

Modal Silk: A Sustainable Choice

Modal silk combined with Ajrakh or bandhini designs creates a visual and tactile delight. This fabric provides a compelling alternative for individuals seeking eco-friendly options. Unlike "Art Silk" sarees, which are essentially polyester imitations of pure silk, Modal Silk emerges as a more sustainable solution, as it does not pose the same environmental threats during decomposition.

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