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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Three Ways to Identify a Handloom Saree - Seven Sarees

Three Ways to Identify a Handloom Saree

Handloom sarees hold a timeless appeal, coveted by generations for their enduring quality and intricate craftsmanship. Each thread is meticulously woven by skilled artisans, creating a unique piece of artistry that stands the test of time.

But, distinguishing an authentic handloom saree from a counterfeit can be a challenging task, especially when you're prepared to invest in genuine handcrafted products. To ensure you make the right purchase, here are three foolproof methods to identify an original handloom saree:

  1. Texture and Softness: Genuine handloom sarees boast a soft and supple texture, a result of the meticulous hand weaving process. Unlike machine-woven sarees, handloom sarees do not possess a stiff or overly tight weave, making them distinctly gentle to the touch.

  2. Weave Inconsistencies: The hallmark of a handloom saree lies in its imperfections. Due to the manual weaving process, you'll notice slight irregularities in the weave pattern, reflecting the human touch and artistry involved in its creation.

  3. Pitloom Marks: An unmistakable sign of authenticity is the presence of small holes along the saree's edges, created during the weaving process when the fabric is tightly secured on the loom. These pitloom marks serve as a testament to the genuine handloom craftsmanship, distinguishing it from machine-made imitations.

For a more comprehensive understanding of these techniques, we recommend watching our detailed video guide on identifying authentic handloom sarees. Click here to access the full video.

Investing in an original handloom saree not only ensures the preservation of traditional craftsmanship but also honors the cultural heritage embedded in every intricate thread. Embrace the elegance and artistry of authentic handloom sarees, a timeless treasure that transcends generations.

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