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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Seven ultimate saree accessorizing tips for not so desi naris - Seven Sarees

Seven ultimate saree accessorizing tips for not so desi naris

You are a rebel but you love sarees! Fret not! Saree is not just for the pretty, rose-like feminine women. Saree is for all women and in fact today due to it being the only drapable garment around, it gives food to the minds of so many creative personas like you who can style it in a way that it expresses you the best.

Even if you are not great at draping and are comfortable with the simple drape, here are some hacks to help you accessorize your attitude!

  1. The sunglass: Pick your pair of aviators or opt for a circular frame sunglass for when you step out in a saree during the day. Automatically it will turn heads and especially, if you are feeling extra rebellious, try this with your core ethnic looking sarees than the simple cottons.

  1. Thumb and knuckle rings: Don’t go the diamond way this summer, rather pick up thumb and knuckle rings to show off your fun side. If you are wearing a saree, you are probably making your way to a gathering, these rings make for great ways to announce, you are not not just another saree wearer

  1. The Nose ring: All traditional families usually get the girls a nose piercing. Many of us ladies opt for it too because, why not?! One way to show off the rebel in you is pairing your pretty saree with septum rings, oxidized silver hoop nose rings which will give you a boho-rebel look.

  1. The kamar band/ waist band: Another traditional accessory that went out of fashion and is now seeing a revival thanks to us, rebel-desis! Pick a leather/ rexin belt as your Kamarband and see the swag change with your saree. If you are feeling more glitzy, you can go for a thick metal plate with zero hangings or add-ons. 

  1. The sneaker: You didn’t quite expect that, did you? But if you think about it and consult your inner sneakerhead, this is a perfect accessory to complete your look. It gives yout the height, the balance and the tan protection along with completing your rebel look.

  1. Double sided earrings: Ditch your jhumkas and go for double sided earrings with some spikey, spokey metallic vibe. This can be uniquely combined with a nice choker to enhance that its different and is they to help you slay the crowd.

  1. The maang tika: The maang tikka, when combined with your sunglasses will give a great clash of cultures look off your face at first glance itself. This is hard to beat and is hands down the fastest way to get the message across.

Hope these styling tips come useful to you as you get ready for the next cousin’s wedding. The rule of the thumb is to not combine more than 3 of these at any given point so you don’t end up looking too much of a wannabe and just want to send subtle vibes of coolness out there.

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