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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
Seven Sarees for Summer - Seven Sarees

Seven Sarees for Summer

The summer is here ! With long days and short nights, the hottest season is here upon us this year. While we are busy packing up our heavy woolens and getting ready for this climate, here are some tips that will help you keep the best sarees out for managing this weather.

  1. Cotton sarees of any type: One of the oldest fabrics known to man, cotton is an excellent choice for the summer. Known for its excellent absorbing and wicking properties, cotton is a natural fiber that can prevent unnecessary infections during the summers. Cotton sarees , therefore, will be your go to choice during this time. Be it the strong south cotton or flowy mulmul, cotton sarees will be your lifeline this summer.

  1. Organza: One of the lightest weaves out there, which allows for good air movement, Organza sarees are a summer must-have! The additional cherry on the cake is the beautiful pastel colors these sarees usually come in. They make for amazing companions for those summer lunch parties. The only thing you should remember is to try wearing a cotton blouse as most organza sarees are synthetic in nature and the blouses in the same material can be irritating to your underarms.

  1. Naturally dyed sarees: Natural dyes are non toxic and non allergenic. These 2 factors make them indispensable companions during hot summer days. They will reduce the scope for infections and sweat related allergies keeping you safe this summer!

  1. Chikankari sarees: If there is a need to flaunt your ethnic side this summer and you want something grand but not heavy, Chikankari sarees are your best choices. Elegant, soft, posh looking sarees make up for excellent choices to wear to ethnic events in summer, like summer weddings.

  1. Handloom sarees: Handloom , especially handspun and loomed sarees are very breathable by nature and give room for breathability and air movement. They also come in earthen colors, adding to the overall feel and summery look of the saree.

  1. Linen sarees: The ultimate heat conductor, stronger than cotton, linen also has its rightful place in the summer saree list. The only hitch being that linen sarees are a little scratchy and it is usually much better to pair it with a cotton blouse to avoid the untimely armpit scratch when you think nobody’s looking.

  1. Silk: That was a shocker, right? Contrary to the popular belief that silk is a better choice for winter, due to the fabric’s natural tendency to be the ultimate heat controller, silk fabrics feel cool to touch during summers and help maintain your temperature. Tussar silk and soft mulberry silks are the ultimate options for you this summer
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