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😎15% off above ₹3000, use coupon 'SUMMER15'💖
7 sarees that make you look posh - Seven Sarees

7 sarees that make you look posh

Some sarees instantly give you a posh look. This regal transformation doesn’t mean you need to burn a hole in your pockets and get that kanjipuram heavy silk saree. Here are seven sarees, that will instantly transform your look to a posh and suave one:

South Cotton sarees: Cotton from the south of India is usually thicker and has a beautiful fall to it. When worn with a single pleat with a very simple blouse, it instantly makes you look posh

Organza sarees: Organza sarees are often associated with palatial house and summer lunches! When you pick an organza saree, the higher the transparency, the better the perception of quality so make the right choice. As this fabric is inherently see through, a matching petticoat is a big must-have

Ajrakh printed sarees: As Ajrakh is a double sided block print and the fabric is usually treated a lot before finishing, making it inherently soft, this is a perfect go-to saree if you want that posh look. As these sarees were only affordable by royalty at one time, they are status symbols in their own way.

Lehariya sarees: At one point of time, these beautiful sarees were made only in silk and mostly available in Rajasthan state. Now with many versions available, this is a perfect saree to make you look posh and poised while being budget friendly.

Pastel colors: Pastels are very much in right now and picking a few simple pastel colored saree in any material will be a good idea. Just ensure there isnt much of a zari or other embellishments that may spoil your ultimate posh look.

Sarees with pompoms/ tassels: Even if you have a simple cotton saree, get the edge finished with tassels or pom poms usually in the same tone as the saree color and your saree will instantly transform! You will give the ultimate posh look with this small addition.

Sarees with unusual borders: Borders designs are localised and are mostly accompanied by a strip of zari. But if you notice unique borders, always pick them up as they will accentuate the look of the saree.

So, what’s your choice? Which of these posh looks is going to be you next? What about a pastel lehariya with pompoms and an unusual border? Just kidding 😛

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